First Serve – Short Film

FIRST SERVE was a very fun project to work on. I was contacted by my friend Bryce Platz, who was attending Moorpark College and majoring in film. As part of the film program at Moorpark, each class is required to write, shoot, and edit a full 30 min film. He asked me to write the music for the project and I looked forward to the challenge and jumped at the chance to write in so many different styles. I mean, how often will I get to write a classic sports theme?!

2 thoughts on “First Serve – Short Film

  1. Spencer Boatman

    Hey Danny! My name is Spencer (I played Karlos in First Serve) it’s been a few years and the title intro song for First Serve is still one of the most catchy/addicting musical pieces I’ve ever heard. I was wondering if you had the sheet music for it, or the track of the song that I can download.

    Anything would help! I want to jam out to that in my room haha.
    -Spencer Boatman (Karlos!)

    1. Danny Ursetti Post author

      Hey Spencer!

      It’s great to hear from you! So sorry for the delay, but I can definitely share that track with you.
      Check your e-mail for a reply and thank you so much for the kind words!



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